Climbing Holds and more....

Discussion in 'For Sale / Want to Buy' started by Pancho, Mar 17, 2004.

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    OK, so this has nothing to do with bikes, so Bill if you wish to delete, I'll understand.

    Anyway, I'm in debt bad, and need to sell this stuff soon, as in before next Wed. I've got around 100 bolt on holds, and 75 "jibs" or screw ons. Its a mix of Metoulious and TenZ. Average size holds go for $8-$10 new, and I'm asking $400 for all 170 holds, so it's a pretty good price. Feel free to look up prices and stuff...

    Also, I have 3 4'x8' and several other large pieces of .75" plywood already t-nuted and ready to bolt to, so if you wanted to build a wall, all you'd need is the framing with 2x4s. Let me know about those, and I'll figure out a price.
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    I'm interested, check PM