Clearing Parts Bin

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    IMG_20200629_230304.jpg IMG_20200629_230449.jpg IMG_20200629_233151.jpg IMG_20200629_233348.jpg IMG_20200629_233518.jpg IMG_20200629_233816.jpg IMG_20200629_234202.jpg IMG_20200629_235837.jpg IMG_20200629_235908.jpg IMG_20200629_230350.jpg I’ve been meaning to clean out my parts bin. There’s some random stuff, and since I’m cross posting on a few websites, there are some random bits.

    TNN Belaey HS33 pads. Probably 90% left. Even wear - $30

    TNN ADM HS33 pads? Probably 90% left also. Even wear - $30

    TNN LGM HS33 pads. 95% even wear - $30

    TNN integrated Brake booster. No clamps. Don’t know why I didn’t sell the booster when I sold the clamps… $30

    Tensile offset HS33 mounts. Mounted once – and couldn’t get the slaves set up right, so I took them right off. $25

    Grab bag of Magura parts. Factory 4-bolt clamps, compression nut, stainless hose connector, olives two lever blades and spare adjusters. I’d like to keep this as a set, if possible. $15

    Cannondale P-Bone fork. Got them used, but never used them myself. Pretty rare to find the V-brake/disc version. Steerer tube is 7 7/8” $75

    DCD Mr Crud in Blue. Bought from FB and looks unmounted. If anyone has one in purple for trade, let me know. Otherwise $20.

    I'm in the US. Prices do not include shipping. Willing to ship overseas at your expense if you buy multiple items.

    Will do a package deal if interested in multiple items. I'm out of the trials game and never on the forums, so easiest to email me:

    my OTN [email protected]