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CK winter maintenance

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Do you guys switch to mostly tri-flow for you king ring drive mechanism in the winter? I just ate it on a pretty big gap when the hub skipped big time half way into it. I thought that my chain snapped but it was fine and the chainline was all good, so that kinda leaves the hub as the culprit.

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sorry that happened Roman. I typically hose it with Tri-Flow. When you pull it apart, check the ring drive gears too and look for any galling.
Thanks for the reply Sean. Since I don't have the CK tool its a dificult to really see the ring drive gears. But I will do the tri-flow hosing routine today in hopes that such slippage will not occur later on.

Roman- as far as I know most people use tri-flow all year round...in fact chris king tells people that if they are using the hubs for trials to use a lighter weight oil. Well, the used to at least :dunno:
Roman, you don't need the king tool to see the ring gears. You use to 5mm allen wrenches to crack the axle apart. Pull the axle out of the hub and just pull on the cassette body out. It requires a little bit of force, but it comes right out. then you can see the spring loaded ring gear inside the hub shell, and the fixed part of the gear on the cassette body.

Yeah I know how to do that, but I would require some sort of flash light to see the ring drive gears as otherwise I can't see much because its kinda dark inside the hub :) Anyhow it turned out that my hub was fine and the alloy carrier on the cassette snapped. (see my other post)

Thanks for the replies,

just wondering why we dont use heavier 'lube'?

i thought that white lithium would work pretty well..why use light oil? i donno... tell me
Depending on chemical compound the viscosity can also thicken.Lighter weight lube allows faster engagement by getting out of the way of the teeth on the ring drive.
afrobot said:
Lighter weight lube allows faster engagement by getting out of the way of the teeth on the ring drive.
True... buuuttt the main problem is with the splines.

If the lube is sticky, the spring cant overcome the stickyness, and your hub just skips.

Have a gander at the vids section of Biketrials.com for a service video (posted by 'thetart20') if youre interested :)

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