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Chris King ISO rear hub for sale

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Right now its built up to a dx32 rim, I can sell it as a whole wheel or whatever you want. Steel driveshell, its red. Anyone interested?
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How much?
this is my old hub... it is the most reliable king i have ever seen. it maybe skipped 5 times over the course of a year and half, and it was never under load when skipping. it's in near mint condition as well.
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300 million dollars.
it has a steel drive shell? hmmm.......
Sorry for everyone PMing me and me not responding...24 days ago was the time to reply, I am no longer interested in selling.
desvio2000 said:
Is it disc compatible i will buy it email me at [email protected]
3 years old you fucking noob.
AndyT said:
I am no longer interested in selling.
:sadwavey: :sadwavey: :sadwavey:
shit eh?

Even I have a red ISO now. and sorry Desvio, I'm not interested in selling either.

You'll find it hard to find used kings for a reason.

- Joel
You willing to part it out?
Ive got a pic of a gold ISO I'll sell for $200 ...pay pal.. I will throw in a few extra pics from different angles so you can cut them out and tape them together .... cheep kingdom IMHO :dunno:
I sold this somewhere along the way, don't even remember who I sold it to? I just know I don't have any red kings :rofl:
I got a couple black queens I could sell you...
mcdub said:
3 years old you fucking noob.
your dumb, a lot of pros run discs, my frams is disc only u ***
Explain to me were I mention enything about a disc you no good piece of fucking shit whos mother is embaressed and woud of wished she got a fucking abortined fucking anal ramming but plugged *****.
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