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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by chronic, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. chronic

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    Now, I know this has probably been asked and answered many times. But when I searched I didn't get the answer I was looking for.
    I was just wondering, I just bought a king maybe a month and a bit ago. Works wicked, except for lately. It has been skipping like a mad son of a bitch. I broke it in properly, I was just wondering. Do I need to tighten my bearing preload cone in order to elleviate this problem?
    I figured because everything inside the king just presses together that if my axle is loose, or the "bearing cone", that the ring drive is not pressed together properly? Sound right? I just tightened everything but I haven't riden it yet, I wanted to know if this sounds right before I do any "potential damage".
    Like I said, dont want to flood you guys with topics which have been beaten to death, but I didn't find too much on what i was asking.
    Thanks anyway. Sounded right to me, but I just wanted to make sure.
  2. RomanR

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    If there is play in the bearings, then yes those need to be adjusted. Depending if you have the standard quick release axle, or the heavy duty bolt on one, the adjustment will be a bit different. Go to the King site and download their pdf hub manuals. Also, the bearing preload for either system doesn't have to be cranked down super hard, only finger tight. Running the preload too tight is as bad as running it loose. Redo the adjustment and try the hub again. If it still skips, there might be some dirt or grime on the driverings, so you'll need to do a small overhaul. Post back after you try the hub again.

  3. hydroboy

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    I found tarts vid very valuable when i first got my king. Check it out, obviously you wont be able to do the full service but it gives you a much better idea of whats goign on inside aswell as the confidence to actualy pull it apart. I uploaded it to my trialsshack account a while back because i couldnt find it on the net.
  4. tomacropod

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    re-adjust your hub bearing cone anyway, sometimes it can tighten up and this will also bind the ringdrive. If this doesn't work, check for grit or other crap in the ringdrive itself. I've never had anything get into mine, it's sealed pretty well, but I've heard some people have had foreign objects get into their ringdrive. Staples and toenails and coins, that sort of thing.

    - Joel
  5. chronic

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    Cool, thanks. I figured that was probably what the problem was seeing as how it is still merely brand new :bigthumb: