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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Rickster, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Rickster

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    Newby question here...Just wondering if when others started using a dominant foot to pedal if they also found that the dominant foot was more natural on the rear most pedal for hopping?? I use my right foot as my "power" pedal for wheelies and generally anything to power fowards..But, I have found that when hopping that it is more comfortable with the right foot on the rearmost pedal and my left on the front..I seem to be able to control the hop better with my right foot in the rear...I was just curious if any other people have found this to be true for them also....

    P.S.> Just got my Zebdi in earlier this week and am still getting used to it..A lot different than the fully suspended C'Dale I have ridden for the last 5 years...

  2. AndyT

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    That is normal. Chocolate foot is the foot that feels normal foreward as you coast.

  3. ascentrek

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    I'm right handed but use my left foot forward.

    Welcome to OTN, and welcome to Trials. I too, just started (on a Zebdi no less). I've got a few beginner techniques that might get you going on a few moves earlier than later. PM me if you'd like them. The guys on this forum are helpful. BTW, where are you located?