Changing chain- HUGE performance change...

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by AndyT, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    So...what the fuck.

    My front chainring is so god awful that I am now running a BMX chain. I went from a rohloff to the riding around it feels like I changed from 17 in the back to about 14t . It feels like the bike is 50 pounds and I am pedaling uphill all the time. I'm going to have to go to 18 or 19t in the back, its just way too hard. My question is why would this happen? Same gear, just a different chain... :?
  2. Allmjm

    Allmjm New Member

    does that chain pedal backwards easily? Maybe there is just a ton of resistance now so it makes pedaling hard...

  3. RomanR

    RomanR DualDisc 26"

    insane friction in the links? is it a no namer or a koxx or kmc cool or which one?
  4. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    No its fine, no friction- backpedals 20000 times better htan my last chain did...its off my bmx bike, KMC race chain.
  5. Elan

    Elan steve french

    turn your front ring around... see waht it does..i have a hunch... ?
  6. hydroboy

    hydroboy "Jak se mas"

    chain weight is rotating weight, if its a big fuck off heavy one.....
  7. oicdn

    oicdn Guest

    ^^That is what I was about to say. Although on my bicycle, I've never really noticed gains/losses from a chain, but then again, my ride was 38lbs....

    I know on my motorcycle, when I switched from a 540 chain, to a 520 chain..granted the chain was a performance chain, there was a difference, less friction, lighter chain. I also went down a tooth in the front, so that also aided it, but there definitly is a difference in rotational mass from a chain.....

    I dunno what chains are GOOD for bicycles, and I didn't think it'd really make a difference since I never noticed personally. But damn, if it's as bad as you say it is....LOL, time for me to start researching, LOL.
  8. afrobot

    afrobot Aluminum is for recycling

    My wager is on the drop in tensile strength and manf tolerances.On SRAM
    chains as you go up pc69,89,99 you incerase in tensile strength.Also those crappy BMX chains look like they are waaay smoother backpedaling,
    well they are .There is slop in between each of the pin- link interfaces.

    So as it turns out there are no cheap substitutes on a trials bike which can't be noticed,aside from tubes.

    Andrew, I may be willing to supply you with inferior equipment if you will ride it!
  9. pav

    pav New Member

    hey andy t i just got a KMC cool chain for my new bike, apparently it does not fit onto 9 speed clusters but it fit onto mine really easy, have a PC48 on my old bike and when i switched over to that chain after the old one stuffed up i noticed a big difference but not in gear ratios. When i put the KMC cool onto my new bike and ride with it i will post about how the gear ratios are for you becuase it may just be your chain or something