chainline with a singlespeed hub

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Nikolai, Apr 28, 2004.

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    I've got a spot hub. I've got one of them White industries freewheels. I haven't put anything together yet, but I'm worried about the chainline on my stock.

    Does anybody run a singlespeed hub? What is your setup?

    I know I can adjust the Spot hub a little bit, and I know I can space out the BB a bit. Right now I've got an XT crank on a 118.

    If I went to a front freewheel crank, would that move the granny ring out?

    Is chainline even that big a deal?
  2. Stock

    Stock Tumescent.

    Yes, chainline is a big deal. In fact, chainline is one curse of running SS. With gears, if it shifts unexpectedly, you are probably going to end up in another gear. A ton of times I have eaten it because my chainline wasn't perfect, and I didn't get any power in the drivetrain because the chain wasn't on the freewheel any more.

    I found the best thing was to run a blocked off derailleur instead of a mere chain tensioner, which solved 70-80% of the problems. The only problem now is that for some unknown reason the derailleur gradually readjusts over the course of time. You can usually tell if you are going to have problems if you spin the cranks backwards 10-15 times and listen for any rattle.

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    one option is to take a look at sheldon brown's fixed gear section. he has a big table on track cogs and their various measurements. there's a decent spread in terms of cog width between manufacturer, so they'll sit in all different places on your hub. don't get stuck on that monty cog just because its "trials-specific", if you can get a dura ace or EAI or something that and get a better chainline...

    here's the link: