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Chain rings?

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I need 20t, very strong stainless steel chainring...

Things I've gone through fast:

action tec ti, one ride
sugino, one ride
race face alum, 3 rides
race face steel, one week

Things that kind of lasted:

4 year old shimano steel, 1.5 years (god i loved it)
salsa steel, around 4 months

I can't find any old 20t shimanos, or any 20t salsa rings...in fact the only 20t I can find are the race face and the action tec. If anyone has any ideas as to where to get something good, let me know please.
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only way i know is to find the small, out of the way bikeshops that never throw away parts no matter how long they've been on the shelf. I can almost always find 22t shimano rings at local shops, but i've never gone looking for 20's.
also maybe the middleburn hardcoat rings. they are supposed to be pretty good, never tried one myself though.
How on earth do you manage to mangled chainrings that much?

I agree, Middleburn Hardcote seem to last forever, come in pwetty colours too
Middleburn do a 20T chain ring reputable for its strength and lightweight composition
Any ideas of getting them in the states ?
I use one of those Middleburn hardcote chainrings. The deal with them is they claim 10 times less friction and 4 times the wear resistance of a standard ring. My coating started wearing off pretty quick so who knows. They also wouldn't be consided too light weight but it's just a chainring.

Personally I try to change my entire drivetrain every 6 - 8 months, so I'm not even after anything that lasts super long. Blackspire does a steel chuck ring its called. I used that a while ago. It worked. Dunno aboots 20 tooth tho.

As for the Middleburn I got it from ken at thetrialsinshop.com. I dunno if he would have em in as I got mine specially right when they came out but there is a distributor for them in Canada as well (www.cycles-simtra.com).
Andrew, Ibex Sports is the US distributor for Middleburn. They're very easy to deal with...any shop can get them. 603.431.3023
I use the middleburn 20t hardcoat as well, following on from a 22t that I used for about 6 months and has no wear one it at all. The chainrings are about as chunky as they can be while still taking a 9 speed chain. They are designed for their own spider though so check the PCD, also the cranks bolts are countersunk into the ring so you may need 5 shorter bolts.

- Joel
its compact drive, the midldleburn integrated spider that is.
Did you try to warranty the raceface rings? They do have a 6 month warranty on them you know. That's why I just bought one.
forgot to mention I killed a blackspire as well....thanks for all the replies tho- I'll see if what I'm working on right now doesnt work out, and check out the middleburn...i seriously don't care if it weighs 3 pounds.

ps. my red chris king hub is amazing . I guess my gold one with all the drama around it on biketrials was bunk as shit?...at least I gave it some good publicity.
Salsa 20t rings are listed on AEBike. It doesn't specify whether they are steel or aluminum.

thank god the 20t rings are only like 13 dollars retail, this would be an expensive hobbie...the only part of my bike that ever falls apart :(

(although I'm waiting for this 1+ year old TI bb to go kersnap)
you could try a surly track cog. it's held up fine for me and a friend that rides trials a lot. they come in 20 tooth and webcyclery.com sells them
they are threaded arnt they? if they are they wouldnt be working on any normal spider.
Yeah I wouldn't think track cogs would go that great on a race face spider :eek:
middleburn the way to go - chunky (and, although steel, are lighter than a shimano 22t which is 1/3rd the thickness - not that the weight of a chainring is a sensible thing to ponder). Pretty cheap too, the old Australian rule of thumb "$1 per tooth" actually works on middleburn rings.

- Joel
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