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Hey Everyone-

It is an end of an era (haha, yeah right) here at White Raven Film Productions. It's time to move on to the big times which means in with the new and out with the old. So my trusty video camera is up for sale! The end of this era for me means the beginning of a new one for some other aspiring rider/film maker.

It is the Canon Elura 20mc. It will be going up for sale with the original 1 hour battery as well as the beefy 3 hour battery and the charger that will do both. It will also include the best fish eye lens you can possibly find- the Century Optics .3x with the adaptor rings and uv lens filter. I will also throw in the 8mb memory card that the camera uses to take stills. I will also include the camera bag that has been the camera's home.

It is in excellent working condition. The fisheye lens is only a few weeks old and has no blemishes or scuffs on it. I am asking for 850 for the package.

If anyone is interested i will get pictures and post them up. post if you want to see them.
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