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    Hey guys it seams like you guys know about cameras so i thought you may be able to help me out. Id like to get a didgital camera for christmas to take biking, unfortunatelt my budget is low, less than $200(us) Right now im looking at
    but i know nothing about cameras. so if you have any suggestions or comments it would be very much apretiated if you told me
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    Looks like a pretty damn good dealy. Remember that youll have to buy a memory card, over here (Australia), a 256 MB card costs about $200. Other than that, it looks pretty good. Other people may have more info than me, so dont just go and buy it!
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  3. giventofly

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    I tend to be wary of brands that i've never heard of before. Vupoint sounds like Valujet...and we all know how much of a good idea that was!


    I recommend Canon. They (hands down) have the best lenses.
  4. giventofly

    giventofly I like Hops


    edit.....the old addage "you get what you pay for" is never more true than in digital cameras! It may be 6 mpx, but how fast does it write? do you have to wait 15 seconds between pics?

    also, I noticed it has "4x digital zoom" first, 4x is nothing, and second...."digital zooming" is actually ( in the computer world) referred to as cropping. If you use the digital zoom on 4x, it reduces the quality of the image by 4x. I do not see anything that indicates an optical zoom. That is bad. You are better off getting a 3 mpx camera with a 10x optical zoom that will serve you better. The only thing you'll ever need 6mpx for is making life sized posters of your car. 3.2 mpx makes GREAT 8x10's. 2 mpx makes acceptable 5x7's. Anything over 4 is really overkill. You will never use a 6 mpx camera on full res, because it eats up memory and batteries so fast.

    try this instead.

    I use this. It's got 3x zoom, 4 mpx, and it uses the CompactFlash memory chip, which, while slightly bigger than the other chips, is the cheapest of all the competing memory cards. (256 meg is under 50 bucks!(US)) The only lacking feature is the zoom is only 3. but it's a great camera. (I got the Underwater Housing, too.....130 feet deep it can go!)
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    i only have experience with digital SLRs. but, giventofly is right about the zoom stuff. you want a high optical zoom. you can always zoom-in/crop the picture on the computer.

    keep in mind that most point-n-shoots arent too swell for action shots. there is alot of time between when you hit the release, to when it actually "takes" the photo.

    i do agree about cannons. i've had the most success with them.

    g-fly's recommendation seems like a great deal for the price. i'd say for your price range, its really good. but, as i mentioned above, i have limited experience with point-n-shoots.