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CambriaBike has Michelin Comp 24.1 for $33, S front $9!!!!!

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Cambria Bike has Michelin Comp 24.1 2.5 only on sale for $33 and the Michelin Wild Gripper S 2.1 front for $9!!!!!!

LOL, that price is INSANE, the price of those two combined are the price of just the rear everywhere else....HOP ON IT! I am, and I JUST BOUGHT an Intense rear....I guess I'll get to try out those new Michelins sooner than I thought, LOL!

Hope fully, not too many knew about this and I don't look like an ass, LOL.
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ya, they've had that deal for a while,
BUT DONT GET THE 9$ S, i did, and they sent me a totaly bootleg michelin with wire bead, what i didnt order.
LOL, that sucks...I just ordered them both....I'll be pretty pissed if that bootleg ones comes, LOL. It's already been shipped out...so we'll see what happens......
Hey oicdn, how do you like those tires? I was just looking at their ad...it says the S has wire bead. I'm thinkin' about getting both tires.
I actually won't get to get them till tomorrow...they'er alreadt mounted etc, but I can't ride cause I recieved the wrong size disc for my front brake....so I can hopefully give you an update tomorrow....
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