caisso 1400

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  1. hey guys full caisso 1400 (obo) minus front wheel

    Caisso frame
    chris king headset
    koxx forks
    bris bar/stem
    magura hs-33 rear(rb lever blade)
    magura loise front
    echo cranks 170 mm
    try-all bash
    acs ffw
    deor fixed on try-all rim

    MIKE email me [email protected]

  2. maxxistrials

    maxxistrials Member

    it is an amazing bike...
  3. verry nice but i need money beacuse i need money for an engine for my car .... im kinda gettign in to the car thing and that needs a lot more money then trials . so buy this bike


    [email protected]
  4. Rob.K

    Rob.K Guest

    would you sell the fram only.........if so how much??
  5. looking to sell full bike

    frame allong prolly about 750 add couple hundred and u have a fukky decked out bike .

    i think ill stick with sellign the entire thing. but ill keep u posted
  6. Bike is gettign split frame spoken for but not sold yet (but money talks) headset and bb anf rear wheel are also spoken for

    every thign is still up for grabs

    frame only - 680
    fork koxx - 70 +/-
    front magura loise (2001) brake - 30 +/-
    rear magura hs-33 with rb lever blade - 110 +/-
    cranksand bash and freewheel - 100 +/-

    email me [email protected]