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buy my car!

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Who is going to buy my 93 rx7 so I can buy me a trials bike?


Yes, I know the pictures are shitty. Yes, I know my camera sucks. Just buy the damn car. :bigthumb:
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I will sell it to ya cheap! :bigthumb:
i'll trade you a mildly modified 00 subaru impreza 2.5 RS... serioulsy, i'll drive to where you are and trade.

FD RX-7 is one of my favorite cars of all time... you should keep it.
Actually I would seriously consider that if I wasn't leaving the country. Those little impreza's are nice little sleepers when you slap a turbo on them. Love the AWD.

I would keep it if I didn't need the money.
ah piss i wanted dolphin to get an rx 7. killing my dreams uownme...where are you movign?
Ethier Australia or Spain. Have to choose by the end of this month. I'm leaning towards Australia right now, it seems like there is a killer scene down there. I will only stay a year though, then back to America for college.

Are you in college/planning to go to college? I was looking at schools in Colorado. Colorado is a killer place...
we're all in college, dolphin is at art institute denver, im at CSU, matts at CU.
Pretty hard schools to get into? I was too damn lazy to look and see what requirements are. What was your SAT?
I didn't take the SATs but my ACT was a 28. CU isn't that hard to get into, and CSU I think is even a bit easier.
In state as long as you can talk you can get in anywhere easily...however out of state you're going to need 1200+ SAT and a good gpa (3.0+) for CSU.
Hey dude, youre never gonna sell that car... the steering wheel is on the wrong side!!!

:greddy: :rofl: :Wavey:
id rather have a 1986 nissan
Time to leave Del Rio.. Come to CO next year.. You'll love it.

Does ANYONE still ride down there?
In Del Rio? No, none. I ordered my pitbull on tuesday. I talked to the McCall brothers and after I get used to riding again, I may go up and ride with those guys. I wanted to go to Colorado after I graduate, but I am going to go to Australia for a year. It should be killer. Maybe when I come back I will goto Colorado. But damn do I hate the cold. :down:
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