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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by ryanuk500, Apr 11, 2004.

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    ok so instead of goin and buyin a bike straight from the shop and replacing a few things (like ive always done), im gonna buy the norco moment frame and everything for it seperately!

    i basically know all the components but anyone have any tips? and (maybe stupid question) are all the small parts on the bike supplied with components, or will any need to be bought seperately aswell (not very specific)?

    ...well at least doin this will give me experience

    thanx guys
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    Oh and...Justin.L...before u say anything, i have searched!!

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    hahhahaa :eek:wned:
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    If you buy parts new it'll usually have everything you need- example would be a king headset- got all the parts to slap it together besides the tools, even the starnuts. Cranks come complete, just need pedals and a bb. The frame will prolly have the v mounts and seat clamp, if not don't fret they're ez to get. Need a derailleur, cables, and shifter, other than that it's big pieces, wheels, brakes.
    I dont have crank pullers or headset press/ remover- so I set up everything I can and get the lbs to do the rest- last time I did it cost me 92$US, :down: 24 dollar chain- rest was labor(rip off, but whatcha gonna do- Buy the expensive tools? soon perhaps at that rate)