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BT VIDEO 2 Trailer

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Rafal Kumorowski
Pawel Reczek
Piort Reczek
Stefan Pcola
Rafal Klisinski

5.5 MB 640x480/25fps

Full BT VIDEO II will first publish in www.observedtrials.net
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i dont like how it fades out before anything is landed. there was somw sweet lines but i was dissapointed when the faded off a their best point.
that video was good, but made me mad on the inside. its the same with leeches new vid.
Well, this is a trailer, so his intention was to not show the completion of moves. It was meant to get you pumped up and excited for the full video that will come out. The full one will show complete moves, just keep checking back and I'll post it on the front page when it's made available. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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