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BRAND NEW Bonz crank and more! MASSIVE PRICE DROP!

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All stuff is BRAND NEW!
Bonz Square taper cranks/bashgaurd
Magura 4-Bolt hardware
Blackspire Chuck 22-tooth chainring
Threshold 4-Bolt booster

$200 + shipping.
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Would you be willing to part with the 4 bolt hardware and possibly the threshold booster seperately from everything else?

Sure....throw me an offer. The reason for sale, is I bought two....LOL, long story, but that REALLY is the case. :bigthumb:
Alright....PRICE DROP!

$155 + shipping for the Magura 4-Bolt hardware, Threshold booster, and Bonz Square taper cranks.....


Enexpected bills came up, and I need money ASAP.....$155 is what it costs to pay the bill, so if anybody wants some NEW stuff, WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY CHEAPER than anywhere....it's sitting right here....
theyre not the hot yellow bonz cranks are they? may have an offer to throw your way...

EDIT: Just found out you can change the color insert...let me think of an offer, Ill IM you.
What do you mean by hot yellow? The insert? The Insert is Black.
I'll give you $30 shipped for the magura mounts and threshold booster (if it's the 4 bolt), with Sonic's offer on the Bonz, thats more than enough to cover your bill :)
I would jump on this but I think the shipping to canada would be too much.
You guys got a Deal Bill and Sonic......Paypal is [email protected]

I'll ship them out 1st thing tomorrow.....
Money sent :)
I sent you all PMs......They will be on thier way!!!!! Thanks again, LOL, you have NO IDEA how much of a relief this is, LOL. Not to mention the deal you guys got, LOL.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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