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  1. Paul

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    Hello.I`ve been reading the forum for quite a wile now,and it`s about time I posted something :D
    I read this stuff about not using brakes on some moves ... and thought I`d try it ... could anyone post some advice about some situations where it`s better not to use both brakes/no brakes ? Thank you. :rolleyes:

    PS :aahh.... I no longer feel like a ghost haunting the forum :D
  2. Spacemunkee

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    heh i kno what ure on about dude.. i always used to just read from here.. so yea welcome ;) brakeless in general whether it be trackstanding or wedging will help your balance no end.. try doing some sections without using your brakes its proper hard! but loads of fun. As for situations.. theres some threads about wedging where people have said the only way is without brakes

  3. Elan

    Elan steve french

    try going brakeless when you are on a section of rocks or somthing, use little ledges and stuff to keep you from rolling, and see how far you can go.
  4. RideManuals

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    Also try doing sections without a chain it's fun but tiring. Ihad to push my bike like a skateboard to everywhere because of no derailer hanger(bent my last one and didn't get a new one til this week) but my fakies, balance, spins, wheelswithing and bunnyhops improved also my front wheel moves. so try it sometime or just when your chain breaks or when u are really really bored. Try balancing with your front wheel on a wall like in one of kevins movies its fun and looks cool.
  5. Paul

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    Cheers for the help..what about on some distinct moves,not in on sidehops or gaps ? Does it make a diff. in gapping ?
  6. Little Android Man

    Little Android Man Free Cup!

    i would think landing a gap with no brakes could be a bad thing, but kevin does it in one of his movies, he turns sideways when he lands. i dont think it will increase gap distance, because you have to get 2 pedal strokes in without the brake, and after the first one you kinda coast and then theres not as much resistance or whatever on your wheel, so the kick in the pedal does less. that was longwinded. and i think most brakeless is for balance, i havent come across anything where i cant use the brake to get through. but i suck so maybe i just havent found it yet...
  7. Patrick

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    I think the 'brakeless' application might best be suited for uneven terrain where you can use gravity vs. your drivetrain to keep you situated in one spot. hell I don't know.. I've been attempting to balance without brakes and it's fukin' hard.
  8. RomanR

    RomanR DualDisc 26"

    wedges i found are much easier without a front brake, it lets you catch your balance better. the full brakeless ones teach you much much more balance and how much power to use to keep you in one spot. on my first ride on my koxx, everything was snowed over, so all i did was learn wedges on random walls. within 10 minutes of practicing i had learned both types of wedges, with both feet forward, and on walls and corners. they were easier to learn than i had thought, and from that point, my balance just kept getting better at them. so just try them, try to do wedges on everything you find, and you'll get good at them. deathgrip makes you learn more too.

    another cool one is hopping on the rear wheel without brakes. just find a slight slope. too shallow and learning will be a bit hard as you'll just manual forwards, and too steep and it will be weird. at first, just go to rear normaly, keep pressure on the front pedal, and release the rear brake, to get the feel for the movement. keep your arms normal, dont lock them straight out in front. keep your normal backwheel position. if you start to fall forward, give the pedal a bit of power. dont hop when you do that though, just pedal. if you fall back, you let off on the front pedal a little bit. hop to whichever side youre falling to, except forward. leaning and moving your body to keep you in place is better than hopping too, so try to limit yourself to chain tension to keep you in place, and body shifting to keep you balanced once you get the hang of them.
    after a while of doing them, you can try getting on the rear wheel deathgrip, so you have to time it right, and enough power to get you precisely where you need to be. you can either kick the front up with a bit of a pedal movement, or lunge it up from 2 wheels. move to shallower slopes, and narrower places once you feel the need for a real challenge.

    these moves are cool to learn and give you the feel for brakeless stuff.
  9. Stock

    Stock Tumescent.

    Well, there are a couple more instances where it's actually easier without brakes. One of these is when you are tapping up or doing a pedalup. If you remove your finger from the front brake, and put it on the bars, it can help you get higher because:
    1- you can pull the bars up harder with more grip.
    2- When you smack the front of the obstacle, having the brake on will hinder you. When you have your finger on the brake, you are braking, it's pretty much unavoidable, even if you don't get brakelock, it can slow you down.
    3- Rolling along the ground approaching the up, even a slight drag in brake can make a big difference.

    As for using brakeless as training, I've heard of brakeless rocking to build technique, and I heard TRA does sidehops without brakes to build strength.
  10. Coramoor

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    I was practicing touch-hops with my finger off the front brake for a while.. I found out it was not such a good idea... Once i wasn't able to lift my front wheel enough and i nearly smacked my head on the wall I was going up.. If I had my finger on my brake I could have stopped. Just concentrate on not hitting the front brake.. Concentrate on not hitting the rear brake to. As for some reason you get higher if you brake late.. Don't ask me why...
  11. stocktrials

    stocktrials Mitch.

    pedal bunnyhop up moves (to both wheels)

    those forward lunge manual drop things (tryall america knows what I'm talking about.. useful on downhill takeoff drops, rocks, a lot of cool situations I've found)

    when you have multiple ups in front of you (like long stairs or ledges)

    ...and of course, Roll ups. my favourite

    That's all I can kinda think of at the moment, no doubt there's more