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Brake stuff for sale....LOL will let go for CHEAP!

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BRAND NEW front Magura HS33 with Magura Booster and mounting hardware. Was bled, mounted then taken off....got new bike, and it only has disc mounts on the fork

BRAND NEW front Magura Julie with 180 rotor, 180 wavey rotor, and 190 rotor. All rotors are new Magura rotors. Damn caliper wouldn't work on my fork. Freshly bled too.....

I have no idea what I want for these...obviously USELESS to me...So, I'll let it ALL go for $100 plus shipping? Spent alot more than that on it, but trial and error REALLY sucks, LOL. I'll split it up...need cash. It's better than having parts I can't use sit here, LOL. Surely somebody has a bike that needs a front brake, LOL.
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hay there I"M iterested in a big wavy rotor

how does 20 us sound?

Let me get back to you...somebody just called me up and said they'll eMail me after breakfast so they can discuss payment.....

If it falls through I'll let you know!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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