Brake drag, wheel flex, sickly annoying...

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Sonic, May 18, 2004.

  1. Sonic

    Sonic Plaid, I have not gone.

    A little bit of background before the problem:

    I set up my maggies on my PX MkV initially and they ran very well.
    My wheel came slightly out of true once, I had it trued back and it's still straight to this day.

    My problem is this:

    When pedaling my wheel will flex and will drag on the brake pads. If I back the pads off I dont have enough pull on the brakes for stopping power. So I have to put up with this wheel flex thus brake drag everytime I pedal.

    I guess it's time for me to bleed after only 3 months of riding, but what's with the wheel flex? The hub cone is tight, the bolts, the QR, everything is tight and true. But the flex, argh...

    If it's time to bleed, Im going distilled. :sonic:

    Anyone else have this problem? I can coast, spin the wheel, whatever all day long and the wheel doesnt touch the pads, but when I put force on it all by pedaling the rim will drag on the brake pads.
    Thanks for any help.
  2. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    If it never happened before its one of two things. Spokes are a hair loser than they could be. Or the piston in your maggie is sticking a bit, or the whole system needs a bleeding or both.

    My guess is its your pistons or your bleed not being fresh enough. To check watch one pad and pull on the lever slowly. The pad should start moving right away. If it doesn't you have some sticky pistons or a bad bleed or both.

    You should be able to set the pads quite far away from the rim and not have them rub when pedaling and still have a good feeling lever. You are probably missing a bit of oil and your pads aren't moving until halfway through your pull. So to compensate you moved them closer to the rim.

  3. Ed Gildea

    Ed Gildea New Member

    eather your hub is loos or your spokes are waaaay to loos.. fix it ;)try that
  4. Sonic

    Sonic Plaid, I have not gone.

    I tightened the spokes and that seemed to help a bit, after the second tightening of all the nipples equally all the way around Im a bit out of true again, Im no wheel truer. Anyway, still a bit of flex in the wheel and I do think the non-fluid delivery side (the caliper that is secondary, receiving the fluid last) does seem to withdraw just a bit slower than the primary caliper. Im going to bleed tomorrow and see how that helps.

    Any tips on flushing out the old maggie fluid before going to distilled?

    (Thanks for the wheel trueing advice Andrew.)
  5. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    I had this problem for a few weeks after I got my current DX32 built. I just rode it and kept truing it every chance I got and eventually it was like a perfect build and it stopped flexing. If you keep on working on it you'll come out ahead (as long as you can true a wheel). Also, if your TPA is screwed in a bunch that could be your problem. Try backing it all the way out and then setting up your brakes close to the rim so you don't have to use your TPA... of course this only applies if you have a sticking piston.

  6. Sonic

    Sonic Plaid, I have not gone.

    Thanks Bill, sounds like I just need to keep tightening the wheel down. I always setup maggies so that I dont have to use the TPA, so Im going to bleed and see if that solves the slightly slow piston. I keep them well oiled so I know it's not that at least.