bored found some funky stuff!

Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by Peace, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Peace

    Peace pedocrab

    this is the nastiest shin i have seen ever

    found a wierd random trials frame that looks kinda cool.... maybe

    and everyone who wants to get lost in the trials world of websites, go here! and click on the links you dont know, some really cool old old sites that just havent been updated but are still up and running
    I got really bored, but its kinda fun, the japanese sites can get you really lost and scared:ugh: :eek3danc: still interesting.
    Is it me or do lots of other ppl do this, cos i have only really been bothered just now to explore the "internet":joshers:
  2. Rob.K

    Rob.K Guest

    Thanks for the links!! I found this picture of Vincent Hermance from when he was young and I thought some people might like to see it. I found it on or something like that.


  3. sebLG

    sebLG New Member

    holy crap that bike he is riding is a koxx :ugh: they have been around for a long time.
  4. planetary1

    planetary1 New Member

    I did that once, I sat down over the winter for hours determined to look at every single japanese web site and find a hidden gem with lots of vids because there is a scene there...I followed every link from every page.....but, I was rendered emotionally scarred for life from those most disturbing web sites, there is just something not right about them, anybody else know what I mean? It's like looking into the mind of an insane person or something.....and on top of being scary they all suck, every one of them.
    Yellowstation was the only japanese site worth mentioning but they haven't updated since last summer I think...

    I went to a Grossman trials demo thing back in February, those bikes are so ugly that I didin't even want to try out the demo medels they had built up...