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boob control *NWS*

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I don't mind if you post stuff like this, but often times people visit this site from work. If they click on this (as stupid as that would be, given the topic, and the URL) they could get in trouble, so it's important to always put *NWS* (not work safe) in the title, and then spell it out before the actual URL. I just edited your post so it fits that description, and as an example.

Otherwise, cool link :bigthumb:

I saw boob and clicked ......then i read not work safe...LOL.......
Everyone here at work loved it!
that was pointless...GAY.. maybe im just jealous of hte cursor, but i doubt it.
So Elan, is your signature your own doing, OR is it now required by board by-laws as some sort of disclaimer?

after 750 out of 756 posts were pointless, I think perhaps it OUGHT to be required...
shut up guy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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