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BOO! Mit-bull

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Hello all

BIG props out to Dan at austrialshop.com for helping me to make this a success.. thanks m8!

Here's the spec:

Frame: Zoo! Pitbull
Fork: Echo Pure
Bar: Try-All Yourself Replica
Stem: Try-All
Headset: FSA Orbit DL
Front rim: Sun Rhyno Lite
Front hub: Shimano XT disc
Front tyre: Monty 2.0
Front brake: Hope Mini 185mm rotor
Rear rim: Echo/Alex DX32 drilled
Rear hub: Chris King Classic
Rear tyre: Tioga Factory DH 2.3 (soon to be Michelin Comp 24.1)
Rear brake: Magura HS33, RB Design lever and booster
Bottom bracket: FSA Platinum Pro ISIS
Cranks: Middleburn RS7, 22t Hardcote ring
Bashring: Middleburn Protrials
Pedals: VP cage
Chain: Sachs PC49
Derailleur: Shimano 105, spring removed
Shifter: LX
Cassette: Ultegra 12-21
Grips: Soyo

Enjoy.. tell us what u reckon

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Is that you buddy? If so im very happy to see u!

The bike looks sweet :drool: Keep ridin!!! :bigthumb:

that frame looks alot better without stickers. good job.
erhm....did you grind the gussets off?? Or have ZOO! realized that rush productions aren't the greatest ideas, and they already redesigned it....maybe I just can't see it.
really bitchin bike, i would have cept the stickers on though...

how high is that fork man?
What is on the bottom of your down tube? Sticker or some kind of guard?
looks like a bottle of hate.
I dont see the gussets ethier?
I hate the gussests on mine...
are we talking about the sloppily last minute added ones to bridge the top and down tubes?

where ever you are sitting in relation to the moniter- move 6 inches closer. if you cant see the gussets then- move another 6 inches closer. :D
Sethbomb- its a 'Z' from a huge Zoo sticker I got.. I suppose it could act as a guard?

Bloodhound- I am only running 10mm of spacers. so not very high?

Toby- its me

bottle of hate..reference to the avatar? haha
no I mean what size fork is it, just looks to have a lot of tire clearance for a 400mm which are most common these days.
that is a fuckin nice bike. can you measure your bb height? like ground to the center of your bb axle?
did you start out on mototrials or are you just left handed? or is that how they use brakes in austrailia? my freind has his brakes set up "backwards" also. I dunno I cant imagine switching my brakes up.


P.S. nice bike though!
its how we australians have our brakes set up, the "normal" way :slap:
i cant think of one logical reason to have your rear brake on right hand on bikes.
although i dont' do run my brakes moto style it does make sense from a motor bike point of view. shifting on the left side with your clutch and gearshift, and then front and rear brake on the right side of the bike..its still messed up to me though
yeah, i suppose for trials its good because the rear is on the right hand. we do have one rider here who raced bmx, doing that he had only a rear brake which he put on his right hand side, so he was weird for ever. As long as you run with the convention of the country its all good as you can try other peoples bikes.

Dave, how are you enjoying the equip? whats it like geo wise compared with the radical? You looked sicknuts on the radical. ddavetrials, mmm.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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