Biketrial "Ozonys last game" Pakhnin Konstantin TGS

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  1. macpot

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    Good day!
    The video that I shot is called "Ozonys last game" and I chose this name for a reason
    the fact is that "Ozonys curve v3" for me was not just a frame ... it was like a friend to me! It has served for 7 years, carried out a bunch of gep drops from decent heights, strikes against fences and never
    did not let down! But as they say, nothing is forever, and my frame also ordered to live long.
    Therefore, I decided to dedicate this video to her!
    The video consists of two pieces.
    1) The first part is the material shot during the first month of my work in Turkey.
    2) The second part is the best moments in 7 years on ozonis!

    Enjoy watching =)
  2. Braden

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    Awesome edit man! Glad you got so much use and fun out of the bike! 7 years is quite a long time, must be a strong frame