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    Ok, I read the other threads about transporting bikes, but I have a few questions qhich werent covered. I'm taking my mod, I dont want to ship it UPS or FedEx since it will take like 5 days just to get there, so Im pretty sure I will just take it on the plane.

    Has anyone just boxed their bike in a bike box, and just checked it in like regular luggage and not been charged or asked? I dont wanna pay $80 bucks, and from other threads, it looks like people have written like "scupltures", or something related to art, which airlines dont charge for? (Im using American Airlines). My mod box should be smaller, like a 20" kids bike box, but it still doenst meet the dimension limitations on the AA website (62 inch (l+w+h).

    Another option which TRA said was just breaking the bike down and stuffing it in a duffel bag. Assuming I find a bag big enough, has anyone done this and not had their bike mangled when they got their luggage? I will stuff my clothes around it and stuff, and put fragile labels on it, but I dont want my bike to get fucked either.

    Any tips would be appreciated,

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    Also, I will be taking tools, some of which may appear deadly like wrenches, maybe bb tools and shit, because its being checked in, they wont open my luggage and inspect it right?

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    Umm....a mod MIGHT fit into a duffle bag, but what about the wheels?

    I had to pack my bike back in a regular bicycle box. It was still $80. It held up fine without it being superpacked (just normally packed like it is when you buy a new bike). Box wasn't beat or anything...

    Either way, you're lookin at dropping some loot. Cause I they treat bikes a little more carefully (liability) than they do dufflebags in luggage. The bikes, surfboards, skimboards, kayaks etc all get thier own cart, and are loaded onto the plane last on top of all the luggage or depending on the plane, in a different compartment.

    Atleast, this' what I have been told by 2 seperate airlines....
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    In Australia, we can jsut put our bike in a bike box, only slightly dissasembled so that the bike actaully fits, and check it in to some special area of the airport that the people who take your normal luggage should be able to tell you about. call up American Airlines and talk to them about it, you have to do that to alert them that you will be taking a bike with you anyway. It shouldnt cost any thing as long as it/it and your luggage combined is less than 40kg. also with tools, since the bike wont be travelling on board with you should be perfectly fine. hope this helped, and hopefully America isnt too much stricter than Australia.

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    thanks, I have a feeling America is a bit stricter, especially since 2 of those planes during 9/11 came out of Newark(I think 2). I may take a bike box, and make it smaller, and thus meet the limitations of luggage, and just cram the bike together. I dont have a duffel bag big enough to fit the mod, so that probably wont be an option.

    thanks for the responses

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    I bought a big old suitcase and carved my own mold out of foam for the frame and parts and stuff and just put all my clothes and stuff on top, then I just checked it in.

    and it was a stock
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    you can take it with you in a box, if you call the airline and make arrangements prior to the flight. there are regulations for dimensions and weight that differ by airline. if you show up at the airport with a suitcase and a big box to check, they wont let you take it on the plane.

    i know a kid who lives in the chicago suburbs with me and goes to school in D.C. when he came home for the summer, he brought 4 enormous suitcases with him on the airplane. he said it was fine, you just have to call ahead.

    i'd def. just call the airline and set something up.