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bikes are changing, riders...

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OK so things are a little different from when I first watched evolve and started riding less than 3 years ago. It seems like alot has comeabout and changed in a relatively short period of time concerning bikes and riders equally.

These new bikes are longer and heavier than just a year ago so with that in mind I wanted to do a quick little poll on bike weight.

My Mk5 is 25.5lbs with both rims drilled, orange fork, bonz, king, disc front, v rear. 24.1 light front, minion 2.5 rear.

If y'all havent already seen andys bike in the for sale section check it out, its a good example of where it seems to me like the evolution is heading; and Ill bet its close to 25lbs as well.

so, this has no point really, just tell me your bike weight and if you have a big front wheel or not, if you have a steel fork, if you even care, and if you ride natty or street most

andy, if you stop trials, whatcha gonna do? :down:
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i ride a zoo piranha with all good stuff...rhynolite and 2.25 michelin front.. weighs exactly 25lbs. i ride a zoo fork also, probably the lightest aluminum ofrk out there with flex to match. i ride natty.. ANDREW D Tonkery rides a street bike now, im pretty sure its a 1992 Yamaha SECA II . he figured out that bikes with motors > bikes with pedals.
At the moment I ride a 30lbs bike all chromoly. Its not designed for trials but has good geometry for it. I am working towards getting an MK5.

As for how things have changed I agree but then I have been out of the scene for past four years. :joshers:

Oh ya I ride street only.
i ride a steel px fork (that i dont like) with a big ol front wheel and fatty tire. my bike right now weighs like 27 pounds but its a heavy prototype frame to test gemetry and a px fork obviously. i ride almost all natty but its good to get out on the urban stuff every so often. for comps my bike weighs about 21 pounds with a brisa alu fork and a big ass front tire/rim set up.

i am in the same boat as you where i started riding not quite three years ago and i too have noticed a huge leap forward in bike design. i think the thing is that we are seeing the demand and market for two different styles forming with competition and street. it seems like some companies are catering to the street aspect of trials (not really street so much as trials in an urban setting) and building shorter, burly bikes at a cheap price. in contrast the UCI style of riding is taking off all over the worlds where it seemed to be mostly focused in europe before. now that the rest of the world is jumping on the uci bandwaggon companies are filling the demand for that by making long, low, light bikes built for natural riding and competing. i think this is good for the sport since it is forcing faster progression from the riders. specialization is a good healthy thing for the sport i think. we have two schools of riding getting progressing incredibly fast from the euro uci riders (coustellier bro's) to the urban setting stuff (trialskings type riding).
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I ride a Woodman Tpro now weighing in at 24 pounds even. CK rear hub on Alex DX 32 drilled on the rear, hope front on mavic 517(soon to be a tryall rim) Maxis front and rear tires, fsa power pro cranks.

My bike (specced in the for sale area) came in at 24 flat somehow, i thought it felt heavier...then again I had been riding a monty-xlite which is like 19 pounds.

In terms of what I'm doing instead of riding; a different sport, and leisure is motorcycles...
brisa mod 20 lbs the new weight with my now missing front wheel and sheard off drop outs bout 10-15...
randomrider said:
brisa mod 20 lbs the new weight with my now missing front wheel and sheard off drop outs bout 10-15...
:rofl: you already broke that thing?
Steel frame, steel fork, a bigger front tire in the front than the rear, 46 mm wide front rim, and to top it all off front and rear disk brakes. Not sure if this is gonna be a trend or not in a year or two, but it has been growing in popularity.

My bike comes in at a hair over 24 pounds once I re-build my wheels with my new spokes. Right now it is a bit under 25 pounds.
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