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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by UNDPilot, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. UNDPilot

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    Any of you selling bikes gotten one of these? The following is a series of emails between me and some jack hole. (Vince's the grammar is just how he wrote it)


    -from Vince Dale-

    I Am Vince Dale, i will like to make an enquiry about
    selling your P1 Urban/Trials i will like to know if is forsale do mail me
    back the condition and the following required info
    The owner,
    The pics OF IT,
    and the last price,
    reason selling it,
    you reply will highly appriciated

    -from me-

    hey vince,
    the bike is still for sale. i am the owner of it. i am pretty firm on the price of $750 USD. the reason i am selling it is that i am getting more into trials and would like to try a Mod bike. it has a lot of upgrades and will be a wonderful bike for the buyer. Pics are attatched.

    -from Vince Dale-

    Thanks for the response ..i have contacted my client he said he's ok
    with the price and he will issue to you a cheque of $2500 after you send the
    following info: your

    full name..................

    address............ .............

    phone number.......

    The money is for to you deduct your money and send the balance to the
    shipper when the cheque clears in your bank for 3-4 days or you go your
    nearest cashing points to cash the money so that the shipping company
    can come for the pick-up the same day you received the cheque.Thanks and i
    will be looking forward for your urgent response.

    -from me- (sarcastically)
    Sounds Geat!!!

    My name is Jack MeHoff

    6969 Partmy Way

    Brown Eye, TX


    I have sold 2 bikes this year and with both I have recieved offers like this. It obviously is some kind of hoax or scam. He didnt reply after this. I am assuming this is happening to others.
  2. AndyT

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    where were you selling it from?

  3. [BMF] Chris


    BMF Andy had something JUST like this happen, ill get him to post his story...........
  4. tomacropod

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    saw this same scam talked about on a while ago, he sends you a fraud check and because you're so stoked to have a buyer, you send him the change before the check (fails to) clear. Presto, he might even get a bike into the bargain. If anything sounds fishy, it is. Scammers will back off if you ask a question about payment methods that shows you've got half a brain. Just ignore this shit. Or do as does and string him along.

    - Joel
  5. mikeschiavone

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    its shady. tell him to wire the money to an account (ideally a new one.)
  6. Zyzzyx

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    Its not just bikes, its anything online. My coworker just had a similar thing for a boat he's selling for $1000. The interested buyer was in Germany. (we're in SoCal)
  7. xxxfr


    yea, i had one of these guys on pink bike
  8. trialspads


    OMG they have the bike version of this scam???? I thought it was only for cars LOL
  9. seattletrials

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    i had a guy want to do that with me. He emailed me about a set of cranks i was selling, but had sold about 2 months earlier. i told him i had a used set of cranks that i'd sell him for 50 bucks. he emailed back saying the same sort of thing, asking retail price. i told him 200, then for some reason he said he'd pay 250 plus shipping, if he could send me 3500 bucks, and then i send him the rest. I laugh at those who fall for these kinds of scams.
  10. sputnik

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    That happened with me on Pinkbike. I strung him along for a bit, got him to mail out the fraudulent cheque and then told him to quote "Do the world a favor and Go kill yourself". The cheque never showed up and he never wrote back. Germany was the origin of his 'client' while he claimed to be in the US. Pinkbike has that scam alot apparently, they have a warning about it in their buy n sell.
  11. goose

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    similar scam

    I've had a similar scam, but this time somebody else was trying to sell my bike! I post pictures of my bike on my website, and somebody started up an ebay auction item with my pictures. But the dude was so bright that he linked to my sites pictures, rather than downloading and changing the name or whatever, so everybody could tell that they were my pictures. I did something fun and changed all of the pictures on my site to say funny things like "scam" and "Don't buy me" and whatever, and within about 2 hours of doing that the auction closed:) Something like "seller backed out" was the message.

    What a world, what a world:)