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Big rotor in the front?

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I noticed on Kevin's bike (from the group ride pictures) that he has a sizeable front disc rotor...its seems larger than 160, is it 190?? Do you find this gives you a lot more power when doing moves?? Is it worth it?

Thanks doods!
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i was running a 203mm rotor. it was an 8th hayes rotor i had laying around. it was one of the only straight rotors i had left. it was a test to see if this project i had in mind was worth pursuing. some time in the future you may see it turn up.

the big ass rotor is nice because it gives you about another 25% mechanical power in your brake. if you dont think you need it then i dont recomend it but if you are looking for more give it a shot. try a 7 inch rotor though, either 185-190mm rotor depending on the brand of brake. keep in mind it is heavier though and not by a little bit, rotors are made of heavy steel, the bigger rotors weigh a fair bit more than the 6 inchers. it's a trade off, weight for performance.
Thanks alot for the quick reply!! I'm still riding my trek 6700 for trials, I recently moved to greely colorado so maybe I can ride with you some time! What category do you compete in? I've never competed but from the pictures you look pretty damn awesome. I think ill try a bigger rotor, i have a front avid mechanical.

I can't wait till I get a real trials bike!
ill sell you a real trials bike
Sounds good elan- but I've already bought all the parts!! Well, most of them. I am missing simply the frame, and I think I'm going to buy a woodman- I really like black bikes so I'm going to go with it.
greely you say. Come ride with us in Fort Collins some time. Call me. 970-443-2944.

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If you think about it a bigger rotor really makes sense. A 160 rotor is made for xc. Don't try to tell me trials braking is anywhere close to xc braking forces.

As for the weights do a bit of research. The stock avid rotor is actually fairly light compared to others. It weighs less than the old magura marta rotor, but not the new one. I went to 185 rotors and only added 20 or so grams I believe. Also as much as a bigger rotor helps, look at pads too. I got 185 rotor and red pads. The brake can't slip and it is heaps better than any 160 setup I ever tried. I didn't think a 160 setup was bad even until I tried 185. There is a huge diff.
I have avid mechanicals, if I wanted to go to 185mm in the front what kind of adaptor would I need and where would I get it from? Is there anywhere local in colorado that would sell them to me?? How about on the internet?

Thanks for your help guys!
A bike shop must have em somewhere. Its just a bigger adaptor and a couple of those washer looking pieces that are just a little bit thicker. You would think someone would have some just sitting around at a shop.
I went ahead and ordered one from the road 34 bike shop up in fort collins, the shop was a little hard to find but fort collins is nice... I'll let you know how it feels!! Thanks for the help once again.
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