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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Shorty2020, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Shorty2020

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    ok here is what happend. Working on my bike anout 2 months ago and my friend backed into me while i was setting my chain on my freewhell. Well it tore the end of my Indes Finger or my main trigger finger on my right hand. Well i dont have the power in this finger anymore to pull the brake lever and i was wandering if anyone had ever riden with thier back brakes useing thier left hand lever like switch still braking. I love riding and want to get back in sooner than 7 months which i what i was told by the doctor it would be till i would have power back in that finger if i ever get the power back which by what he told me there is a 50-50 chance ill nevr be able to use a brake lever with that finger again so that is what i was thinking of doing. Just wandering if anyone has ever done this or if im just a friggen moron for thinking this up.
  2. Elan

    Elan steve french

    lots of people in australia use left for rear levers i think. and i know a couple of riders here in the states who do also. its called "moto style" because liek a motorcycle, the right lever is for the front brake.

    good luck with that, hope it works out well.

  3. will4eva7k


    is he still your friend?
  4. AgrAde

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    moto style > other way
  5. Elan

    Elan steve french

    oh yea. awesome signature shorty. i am reading that book for the third time right now.
  6. digby

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    if you run it moto style, you wont have any strenght to use your front brake.

    you should never be allowed to work on your own bike again. With your luck you may end up losing your pecker next time you clean your chain.
  7. xxxfr


    one of my friends is left handed, he runs his brakes backwards....but its going to be months until u get completly used to it, so if your planning on switching back once your finger is better im going to say itll be a better bet to slide your brake lever in a little and learn to use your middle finger, and that should be good *enough* until ur index finger is better
  8. tomacropod

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    which side you run the brakes on is dependent on which side of the road you drive on. Calling the "strange" way "moto" is a typical case of America-centrism.

    Brits, drive on left, rear brake on left.
    Aussies, drive on left, rear brake on left.
    French, drive on right, rear brake on right.
    Americans, drive on right, rear brake on right.

    It's so that when you're crossing a lane of traffic into a side street you can indicate with one arm and drag your rear brake with the other hand. I never thought it would make a difference, until I started riding around Paris, having reverted the brakes to Australian style, and had to learn to modulate the front brake, while turning, with my left hand sticking out. It's hard, especially on Sora brakes.

    I honestly don't think handedness would make a difference either.

    I actually have nothing constructive to add to this thread. I am a force of evil.

    - Joel
  9. pav

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    You will be fine, just switch it across, it isnt hard to get used to, i had my brakes switched on a non-trials bike then got into trials and was liek 3 mins before i got used to it.
    As for front brake it isnt really needed so you can use your middle finger on it. It may take some time to get used to it but once you are it will all be good.

  10. Simonk

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    Harley here has his brakes the wrong way around (i am in australia as well, so his way is your right way), and I can pedal kick and stuff fine on his bike straight away, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting used to it.
    Maj0r sux about your finger btw, but you could try to use it to your advantage, ie. practice rolling moves/ death grip, it would shooot your skillz up once your finger gets back to normal and you start using your brake again. For example when I had a bad back and couldnt go to back wheel i practiced rolling backwards for a few days - i could have practiced something more useful, but the moral of the story is that i got quite good at going backwards.
  11. jmlora

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    I've seen a guy where i live that got the tips of his index and mid finger of his left hand cut off by a trial's bike during a comp when helping a guy from falling down a huge drop, getting his hand tangled in the chain (the tips remained inside the gloves somehow!). The guy recovered with his short fingers and uses a bent lever on his clutch finger and has been doing trials since then. I don't know if there are levers made that way or not or if you could even flex your finger or not, but it's just a thought though....

    I hope you can get back on you bike fast...
  12. Shorty2020

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    thx for the advice the main thing is i might not be able to ever use it again due to the amount of nerve damage and digby ur gay. but thx i think im going to go ahead with it.
  13. chronic

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    I always wondered how difficult it would be to switch your rear brake from the right lever to the left...I dont think it would be as debilitating as trying to pedal kick with your bad foot forward. Good luck ;)
  14. rider

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    I never have any trouble shiftin when I hop on my motorcycle. I think you'll be fine. Give it a go.