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Big Bunny HOPS - to rear or both wheels.

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Hi all, im a relatively amateur rider and its come to the time where id like to progress from the basic trials techniques and pedals ups so i can learn to bunny hop to rear wheel, or both wheels, i'll start low and work my way up..

can you please post here your advise, or past experiences of bunny-hops and give me some handy hints to get me learning the technique .. :)

all replies appreciated..

cheers. :drool:
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well, you'll always be able to pedal up higher than bunnyhop (because of the power generated from pedal ups...unless you get super run ups). also, i think that bunnyhops to rear wheel take little skill, pedal ups/jslaps etc. take much more skill than just j hops.
bunny hops to rear sounds ridiculous..i think yo uare looking for j-slaps and pedal ups... bunny hopping is almost completely useless in trials... in which case, there are tutorials and how-to vids all over the internet.
If you are just starting to learn bunnyhops, don't try to jump up stairs. When I was learning them, I thought I was getting good so I tried jumping straight up a 3 stair. I ended up with snakebite holes in my tube, and a mondo dent in my rear rim.
Also, you need to practice them for a few minutes EVERY time you ride! Just because someone is strong doesn't mean they can bunnyhop high. It's all in the technique, and the only way to learn the technique is to practice a whole bunch. Good luck.
Elan said:
bunny hops to rear sounds ridiculous..i think yo uare looking for j-slaps and pedal ups... bunny hopping is almost completely useless in trials... in which case, there are tutorials and how-to vids all over the internet.
not everyone is a serious competitor though and some people enjoy the luxury or massive endless run ups.
I use bunnyhops alot while i ride trials. Even within only one pedal stroke distance away. Give it a good kick with your good foot and you will have plenty of speed to do some big ups with a bunnyhop. Anyways just practice bunnyhopping up bigger and bigger stuff
thats how i learned. To go to rear you have to throw you arms out in front of you and squat like u are trying to sit on the tire. Download some vids and watch. Thats the best way to figure it out.
i used a bunny hop today to get u pa rock..sorry...but bunny hop to rear? that sounds like some gnar power,.
bunnyhop to rear is no different than a pedal up. lift the front up, jump up, pull the bike up with you. i found it a lot easier to learn than bunnyhop to both wheels.
i've seen somebody bunnyhop to rear on a small ledge. basically he did a super short manual before it (he pulled up got in the sweet spot, then right as that happened he just pulled up). you could think of theo takeda doing a manual to bunny hop to manual up a ledge. same thing but with brakes
learn pedal ups and tap ups, they are much better and you can do them on any bike in any situation. then after you learn them then learn bunnyhop if you still want to, you will find it alot easier to learn. But pedal ups and tap ups are definately the way to go! good bunnyhops need speed which is not always avaliable.

I dont care whether or not its better to pedal up or front touch, no doubt when thats the case i will pedal up instead of bunny hop, but all i wanted to know was some advise on the technique of bunnyhopping so atleast i can learn something else and use it if i want...

tutorials over the net are fine, but i started this topic to get some personal feed-back, some people use different techniques than those explained on trials-sites, and some people find it better by doing 'this', or 'that' , they are the kinda things i wanted to know..personal insight.....

sorry if i was unclear before, some replies have been good though, anymore welcome...:)

Okay, heres what I think. Even if you usually don't do bunnyhops in trials it's still very good to know how to do them. Especially if you ever get into jumping, and bmx style street riding where there's less bouncing and stopping.

Heres how to do a bunnyhop: First, roll at whatever speed you want(When you're learning you should probably go slowly), then crouch down low, and bend your legs Then pull the FRONT wheel up as hard as you can while you jump with your feet(just as you would jump from a standing position on your feet.) You weigh more than your bike(hopefully) so if you push off with your feet hard enough to get yourself off the ground, then the bike will follow. Once you pull the handlebars almost up to your stomach the bike will be in a very steep position. At this point the back wheel is usually still on the ground. Most people get to this point, then they start having trouble. They ask "How do I get my back wheel off the ground now?" It's actually really simple. All you do is "unweight" the pedals, and push foreward slightly on the handlebars. To unweight the pedals, don't take your feet off the pedals, but take all the weight off of them. Just lift up your feet so they are barely touching the pedals at all. If there's no weight on the pedals, then it's easy for you to rotate the bike forward in the air by pushing forward on the handlebars. Most people have a hard time understanding how to unweight. The best way to practice is to ride with both wheels on the ground, and lift the back wheel up without using the brakes. It's NO DIFFERENT than lifting the back wheel up in a bunnyhop. If you can lift the back wheel up while riding on 2 wheels, then you can bunnyhop. The only difference is that in a bunny hop you do it while the front wheel is off the ground. No matter how strong you are. You wont be bunnyhopping onto picnic tables anytime soon if your just beginning, but if you practice a few minutes EVERY time you ride, you will notice much improvement in the near future. The more you practice, the higher you will go. Your body will learn by muscle memory how to bunnyhop so eventually you wont have to think about all this. You will do it without trying. The longer you unweight the pedals, the higher your back wheel will go. The higher you pull the front wheel up at the start, the higher it allows you to push your back wheel up. Normally this will level the bike out in the air, however, sometimes you don't want to land with the bike level. If you are landing on a downhill slope you want to drop your front wheel lower then the back. To do this, follow ALL the steps above(dont try to shortcut through it) then after you have reached the peak of your jump, unweight the pedals even more, untill the back wheel is higher than the front. If you want to land on your back wheel in a manual or stall, you need to put weight on the pedals, and pull back on the handlebars. This will tip the bike back. Remember to not do that untill you reach the peak of your jump.

I might have put to much info in there, so it might be hard to understand. Hopefully it will be helpful. Let me know if something doesn't make sense. Good luck.
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Yeah, it makes sense Dalton Humphrey, thanks for your reply, most welcome :)
i had a bmx guy teach me how he learned to bunnyhop. the big thing that he emphasized was being able to hop backwards at least once on the rear wheel (from both wheels makes it even easier). when you see a lot of beginners try to bunnyhop, they lift the front of their bike up, but most of their body is still over the front of the bike, so it just falls right back down again.

if you can hop backwards on the rear wheel then you understand where to place your weight and how to move the bike around, so then when you start bunnyhopping your weight won't be all over the front of the bike.

so basically what i did was try these backwheel hops from both wheels, at gradually higher and higher speeds. and once i was going fast enough, i was no longer hopping backwards. then comes the real refinement of the technique, like getting the timing right so your back wheel doesn't run in to whatever you're getting up. but by then, you're significantly farther on your way, and you've pretty much got it.
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bunny hopping is not useless in trials some people can use it the same as a tap i personnally think it's a pretty queer move but hey. i guy i ride with can one pedal bunnyhop from say 6-8 feet away to 4 odd foot UCI
Besides the 6-8 feet of run up the other problem with the bunny hop is when you are riding on sloped terrain. Try to bunny hop on loose dirt sloping up with your front tire starting about 2 feet from the object, doesn't work that great. This is just a purely comp riding reasoning, and I know you don't really care....so my advice to you to go big- jump higher.

What does work well in loose dirt sloping up from 2 feet away?
Andrew T, im not going to try and bunnyhop with my front wheel 2ft away from an object on an up-sloping dirty, mud track, my topic was merely to collect information on the technique of bunnyhopping to rear or both wheels...fair enough i see your point, but it doesn't really help me...i just wanted peoples intuition on how they personally, successfully bunny-hop....
i just wanted peoples intuition on how they personally, successfully bunny-hop
Watch anti trials2. Brett does some nice bunnyhops to rear on some rails.
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