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bestest koxx ever

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ok, all Co riders will love this, the set up is great, and is actually lighter than my old set up, enjoy..........

muhahahaha, crazy, perhaps, but mad balance is always nice, and dont you love the uci bash?, the bike is 21lbs btw-
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monty cranks = gay
mod bike = gay

haha..sorry. :D
nice bike! just needs some 170mm cranks are you're set
hows the front tire?? nice uhh bash? sweet bike man.. gada love the koxx
monty cranks are bad, they strip and loosen. get a pair of bonz, they're the shit. as for the bash, what happened to it?
sweet bike anyway :bigthumb:
You got duff Monty cranks then, i havent met anyone yet who has had bad experiences with Monty cranks (and nearly everyone i know rides Montys, and i know alot of people :rofl: )
that must be ALOT of monty cranks then:D
well, they're square taper so in my experiances they tend to round off and get loose freq. who knows, maybe my friends and i got a bad set? now im on bonz, and they're the shit
Try using the *** BB that comes with the Monty Cranks. They have a slightly longer taper on the BB axle.....

nice koxx, but I'm sorry to say that kevin's xtp is the nicest bike Ive seen in a while. It's very dialed oh so mint
kevins koxx is the most rigid bike, everything is crisp, omg, so gay. haha,
you gosta post pics when you put the tryall sticky sauce tire on there....that'll make 'er shine
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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