Bent Deraileur

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Ryden, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. Ryden

    Ryden Guest

    So my rear wheel slipped off a planter I was upping, and I bent the hell out of my deraileur arm. The same thing happened to my friend and when he tried to bend his back, it snapped off. Any ideas of how to fix it?
  2. kamil

    kamil Guest

    usually people just buy new hangers. that is one option. another option is to bend it back.

  3. WhiteRavenKS

    WhiteRavenKS Well-Known Member

    on some derailluers you can replace the lower arm bit. take the arm apart (like the plate that holds the pulleys together) and see if there is a bolt that holds the lower cage on. if there is, you are in luck- you can get a replacement cage from a local shop that will likely have a huge drawer full of olf derailluers for pretty cheap. if it does not have a bolt there then you cant do much about it and you will have to replace the der.
  4. Coramoor

    Coramoor New Member

    Maybe if you have a blowtorch you can heat it up and then bend it back.. Sorry if this is a dumbass suggestion. But it is what I would have tried.
  5. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    stick it in a vice n bend he begger back in to shape.. but be slow.. any signs of crackage n just stop n buy a new one
  6. RideManuals

    RideManuals Guest

    Blow torch works on bars but vice is best on derailer hangers unless it's really fucked up like mine was and then you just need to get a new one. Might want to try it and if that doesn't work ask lbs to try, that's what my friend did worked out. I just tried bending it myself and eventually it was irrepairable course mine wasn't just bent it was twisted. Also my friend whoh used to work at an lbs told me to put an allen wrench in the arear where you screw the derailer in and bend it like that. But I used like a cresent wrench ( I mean the adjustable wrenchy thing) and clamped it to the hanger and it bent quiet easily.
  7. valiumlaw

    valiumlaw Guest

    I bent a hanger on my old bike to 60 degrees, i took it off my bike and bent it back initially with some monkey pliers, and then hammered it against a hard, solid, flat floor to get it back into a straight-ish shape, i put it back on my bike and it worked absolutely fine.