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Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by travistrials, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. travistrials

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    Afternoon - I've been back home for 10 days or so, and in between the rain and working, I managed a couple of rides with Adam and Joe! Adam helped me film a couple of clips, so thought i'd stick them together in a wee video.

    So, for you're viewing pleasure (or something like that)...

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  2. dannyboy

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    another classic Ben Travis video... if you don't know, now you know!
    Clean asf, a refreshing rider to watch :)

  3. modtire

    modtire Easy, just don't lead them as much

    This isn't a rant against you, but trials videos as a whole, why do we have no concept of an "ender"? BMX vids end with the most banger line for added emphasis (for the most part). Your second to last line was way more exciting that the last drawn out line. Do we just assume no one will make it to the end of a trials video?