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Beginner vid from me. 13mb 5 mins

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I had been riding for a little over 4 months. Might give some of you other beginners like me something to relate to. And it could give all you experienced riders a good laugh ehh? Don't get your hopes up though...
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Actually not too bad vid. Decent sized ups and gaps in there, keep up the good riding, you'll just keep gettin better man. :bigthumb: :cool:
that is fucking great if you have been riding only for four months, and haven't ridden any trials stuff before that.
I rode a cheesy full sus for a couple of years before that. And I did some hopping around on it. My record then was about 5" up. I rode mostly xc/freeride back then. It probably helped my balance somewhat. But I had only had that bike for a little over 4 months when I made that vid.

I had never hopped once on the backwheel before I got the kona.

BTW. I've ordered a ZOO! pitbull. Finally a "real" trials bike. No more riding on a wannabe trials bike.

My current bike is a much modified 03 Kona scrap.
Anybody wanna buy the frame when I get my pitbull? :D

I've gone through a big change over the past months. From loving suspension, disc brakes, platform pedals and having a blatant disregard for weight to HATING suspension,disc brakes(for the rear at least) , platform pedals and I've become much more weight conscious(to a certain degree of course. Trials is demanding on the bike)
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wow, for just 4 months of trialsing that's awesome that your doing that kinda stuff. have fun on ur new bike
nowadays beginners can get lots of videos of the worlds best riders. this allows them to instantly adapt to a very high level of riding and get an idea what is possible on a bike. when i started there were no videos available except of hans rey. those days you were good if you could do pedal kicks. :D
Sheez! I'm schooled once again! 4 months on that bike?! Wow. I'm a beginner, and consider myself zoomin' along, but you're riding so well you may just be a top pro in a few years.

-I'm feeling schooled

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