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    this is for the person that asked about bb height:

    it mostly affects how well the bike balances and corners, it plays a huge role in how a bike rides. dual/4x frames will tend o have really low bb heights because the lower center of gravity helps you rail corners better. lower bb's are also more stable in fast straights. dh bikes have towering bb heights but become more reasonable when you account for sag.

    when it comes to a trials bike: higher is for more clearance (a la uci style) and lower is for easier balance. super high bb's will feel twitchy and overly responsive. uber low bb's will feel like you are dragging your feet and you will clip your pedals and bash much more often from the lack of clearance. so far it seems that 12.5-13.0 inhc bb heights are the norm for trials bike or in other terms, 0-25mm bb drop. i run 12.5-15mm drop on my desalvo, feels great compared to the zero drp of my px.

    hope this helps
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    I kinda knew about stability and etc. for non trial bikes, handling and all
    but I was thinking trials specifically, as I know you know

    It seems to me that bb height can have a very strong influence on the overall feel of the bike, and changing it means changing everything else to retain that particular feel.

    The question arose when I was playing with the bike CAD on bikeforest's site. I initially set the bb height as level with my axles (like on my zebdi) for a baseline, then went from there but then I began to think of the performance effects of bb height

    like rolling-or hopping- to rear wheel from a standstill:
    with a higher bb this would feel easier and quicker maybe than a zero drop or lower bb. But then this also has an affect elsewhere... stability, riding down steep stuff, whateva

    I guess its not that magical a thing really, I would just like to understand it better. For example I have a book on suspension tuning for cars. It covers every suspension design since cars were created and states the what, how and why behind the designs. Very stiff and engineerish reading but very comprehensive too.

    neways Im done, on a side note, does anyone know how tall marc vinco is?

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    vinco- not short. i would guess he is about 6'3" or so. he was a good bit taller than my tiny asian ass.