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Batch KOT geomtery and prices?

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Anybody know thier geometry? I can get a deal on one, but dunno it's geometry as thier site doesn't have it. Nor does the site have the price, so I dunno if I'm really getting a GREAT deal, but still decent maybe....

Anybody know the prices and/or geometry? I'm not changing my Megamo frame yet, I just got it, LOL. The guy has some Batch frames, and I'm just curious as to what thier normal price is....

Also, anybody have any feedback/reviews on this frame? Wararnty...thier site is pretty limited to info, LOL.
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Neato...forgot about that site.....but supposedly KOT makes the frame differently. SLIGHTLY, but different. Well, according to thier unhelpful staff, LOL. I eMailed them and got a reply and it was simply, "same geometry as last years, but slightly different" WTF kinda reply is that?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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