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Discussion in 'Beginner's Area' started by DaneBrammage, Sep 22, 2004.

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    To newbies: A simple sidehopdrop with both brakes locked the whole time is a very steady and stable and reliable way to learn to do drops. But be relaxed with brakes-locked sidehops on flat ground before doing drops with them. figure to be dead confident and accurate on up to 24" with brakes locked sidehops, pretty sure of yourself up to 36", and thats all you'll need. Just boost yourself off and either lift the front end at the same time or just make sure you get the rear down first before hitting the ground. Dont panic to get the rear down though.. like the 4th pic in the sequence you wouldnt need to be rushing it yet. If I were sidehopping for distance, which here I was not, I would be maxing out the hang time in the 4th frame and would have jumped higher to begin with. As you start to sink keep your bars high and pressure your feet down to make the rear touch the ground first. Stick the landing and Bob's your uncle.

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    Cole's raging....osmosis through the doors of our rooms...

    Dane- we all appreciate your posts, don't leave, but the beginner area is a great place to post this; it is somewhat of a beginner move. I remember doing a long time ago and loving it, thinking I was a badass off some 4 foot drops with my GIANT Rincon SE :)

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    Always a classic move, I use it probably every day.

    Fishdropping - Is FAR funner - a little harder to do - much more difficult on long bikes.
    It is where you swing your rear over the edge and THEN lift the front up and over. Land on the rear, keep practicing untill it is the smoothest thing you have ever seen.
    Enjoy :)
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    I enjoy 'fishdropping', but with your front tire over the very edge of a corner so its about to fall off- ever since I saw (giacomo??) do it in the very original green bike koxx days vids.
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    I agree that this is more of a beginner move and was my absolute favorite thing to do for the first 6 months of my riding. Thanks for the great instructions with photos... it doesn't get much better than that :).
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    I use this move alot still, especially in comps when the rear wheel drop looks too scary, or I dont have enough power left in my arms.

    Good post.