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    I was wondering how to go bash to rear tire? ive tried it but i cant seem to be able to get enough momentum forward. Do you need to kick the back tire or is it in throwing the bike forward? also same thing for when youve got both tires on the ground but one tire is up on a platform and the rear tire is really close and you need to get to rear.
  2. Elan

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    ive never seen a need to practice this move, but it seems like it would essentially be the same as a wheel-switch type move. except everyting has to be done faster. jump up and push forwadr with your legs.

  3. RomanR

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    Leave your rear brake off as long as you can throughout the move, so that the tire rolling against the side of the wall/object won't drag you down. Also, this lets your rear wheel roll up onto the object those couple of inches to make it go as far as it can onto the object, so that you don't fall back down on your bashring.

    Jump straight up, not forwards. This is a hard part, because you'll be thinking that you you're just gonna fall off backwards. But you won't. The rear tire only has to move 2, 3" max horizontally to make it onto the object. As you jump and pull your arms/legs up, this will push the rear tire where it needs to be. If you just lunge forward, the rear tire is not gonna clear the object.

    Other tips. If you can, move back on your bashring so that the rear tire isn't right up to the object. Some frames/bashring setups won't let you do this, especially on really short chainstays. Since your front foot crank/pedal is gonna be resting on top of the object, you can try to get some lift from that by doing a tiny pedal kick as you jump up.

    Experiment with all these factors, see what works the best for you. Remember, jump straight up, a tiny bit backwards even. It takes lots of practice to get moves like this nailed down, so keep practicing it.
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    Its actually a good more to know, I dont see why you wouldnt practice a more that gets you out of a jam....But anyways tips...Its all about super exxageration of the body. You really need to throw straight up and then extend the legs foward a bit. Like Roman said make sure that back tire isnt hitting the object on the way up.

    Regardless of how non UCI this move is, it really can help. Steidley can do some SICK shit with this move. I saw him praciticing all sorts of crazy stuff with it. He can just hook and get to rear with it like WHOA.