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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by durkie, Dec 6, 2004.

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    so I went out and rode my BT5 yesterday for about the 4th time, after having ridden a short wb, short stem, short bars zebdi for a couple years. after the ride though i had (and still have) a really bad pain in between my shoulder blades to the base of my neck, a pain i've seen before from people riding bikes that were too big for them. but, i'm 6ft tall and i'm told i have longer than average arms. my setup is 400mm fork, 4mm spacer, 100x15 stem and try-all bars. i was going to put more spacers underneath anyways, but was wondering if anyone else had encountered this, and what they did about it. i really like the stem/bar/fork setup (even though the front end takes a whole different technique to pull up now), and it seems like the bike wouldn't be too long for me.
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    I had a similar problem going from my px to a 1080 wb with a shorter stem..not so much pain between my shoulder blades but in my lower back..stating to get use to the longer wb now and the pain is starting to go away..probably from using muscles that havnt been used with a shorter wheel based frame...however still trying to get the tech. down for getting the front end up...I think this is where your pain might be coming from

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    If you can, try out more spacers under the stem. Maybe try out a shorter stem if anyone has one, but it might just be something that will go away with time. With longer setups, you're more stretched out over the front, so your arms will sort of support your weight in a different way, and use muscles that weren't used before. Try going on another ride with your setup, and if you get pain, maybe rest it off for a couple of days and let it get back to strength. You might find that it will hurt less, or even not at all.

    Myself, I've always ran setups that are supposedly too long for my height, so I've always been leaning way forward when riding. I suppose all these years of running long setups have tuned muscles to support the weight better.
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    I don't think the problem is in your bar height, it's just that you're used to a short bike. I'm 5'8 tall, and having no problems with shoulders. On my raven 5.0 with 400mm fork I run 5x90 echo stem and echo bar, with 20mm spacers under the stem. When i tried a friends 15x80stem, with 5mm spacer, and the bar height was about the same, but the 80mm stem felt bit too short. I'll try a 15x100 stem next.