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Discussion in 'Your Bike Trials Media' started by Spacemunkee, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. Spacemunkee

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    Got bored so decided to see if anyone could find some damn nice faceplants, ankle wreckages, cuts n bruises. Pictures or viedo format and no this is not some weird fetish i have :greddy:

    One of the all time fav's
  2. OTAdmin

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    This one is old school:

    You should learn from other people's mistakes :p:

    Not trials, but this guy deserves his fall for riding that bike and wearing those clothes:

    This is another old school flick, I think its from swanseatrials. Story behind this one was the ledge was wet:

    Just a funny fall:

    This looks pretty painful, what is funny here is the camera man (laughing under breath: "ohh, thats good", "John, that was betta than ya uvva one", etc) :

  3. maciekzw

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    Here's mine. It's nothing as extreme as some of the others, but it's still a wipe out. This was the first day I tried my Pitbull since I only had it for a day... Anyway, the pedal hop didn't go so well.

    PS. Keep in mind, I'm a noob at this :bigthumb: Any comments or tips how I can improve would be greatly appreciated :bigthumb:
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    Hey Maciekzw: I have a couple tips for you.

    Don't rush the dops. You didn't take your time and lower the front wheel enough. It could be that your balance on the back wheelis not that good yet so your rushing the pedal kick before you lose your balance.

    Work on your back wheel balance some more so that you feal more confident.

    Hope that helps.
  6. maciekzw

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    You're totally right. I can do some pedal hops but I need to work on hopping in one spot more, and also, like you said, on dropping my front wheel more as well. I tried that same trick second time and I took a bit more time, and it went well. I'm getting better at distances, but not hight tho. I've been trying so hard. I wish I could pedal hop UP that sqaure but it will take me a while to get that. I've only had the bike for 3 days.

    Thanks for the tips tho. Anything helps. :bigthumb: