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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by daveN, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. daveN

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    Anybody have any good idea on hoiw to get me avid front disk to not work like shit. I have tried EBC green pads and they were ok but never the lock up I want out of them. I am going to purchase some new pads tomorrow along with a new rotor to replace my bent one. So any tips to set it up and getting it to lock up really good please let me know.

  2. snide-O

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    i used to run mine with stock pads and it worked awesome. they took a while to break in though. i used to set up the pad distance so that the outside pad was closest to the rotor. then when you grab the brake it would bend the rotor slightly into the inner pad. i have no idea if this is the correct way to set them up or not, but it seemed to work.

    good luck

  3. WhiteRavenKS

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    hmm... i know some tips and tricks but like mike, i used stock pads and never had any real issues with em... strange. anyways, if i make it to boulder on sunday or if you are going to pancho's free trials saturday, bring it and i will see what i can do for it perhaps
  4. BrettM

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    Because the avid disk is a ball bearing disk it means there is grease. For whatever reason after a month or so this grease decides to slowly make its way out of the insides of the caliper to get onto your rotor and pads. Always give it a quick clean every few rides or so with a rag or some alcohol or whatever. Just take the wheel off and wipe the rotor and then put the rag between the pads and move back and forth.

    If its for the front get yourself some ebc red pads. If for the rear I really recommend a 185 mm rotor and red pads. Even for the front it isn't a really bad idea. Remember a 160 mm rotor is for xc use. Trials braking is hardly anywhere close to xc braking.
  5. tomacropod

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    go 203. Grease or no grease.

    whatever happened to DaveN anyway?

    - Joel
  6. chronic

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    That sucks dude, I've had nothing but 100% braking from my avids.
    Like the other guys said, Take your pads out of the caliper and whipe it out with a rag incase there is any grease, clean your pads and the rotor. Make sure it's aligned some what straight with the rotor.
    Does it feel spongy at all?