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Hey everyone, I added some pretty funny and hot :naughty: (I think) images to the avatar gallery. If you haven't uploaded one of your own (for whatever reason) you can go into your profile (link in the top toolbar)and scroll down the page to the Avatar Control Panel. Click "Show Gallery", click the little circle below the avatar you would like, then click select avatar. All done :) If you have some you would like to see added, or any comments, let me know.

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hahah, well done matt!

every time you maturbate, god kills a kitten- a timeless classic. anything having to do with dumb and dumber- another timeless classic. will farrel and "bert reynolds", again some good choices.

i think i may have o stick with my senior yearbook picture for a bit but good work on the ones you uploaded!
Thanks Kevin, I think sticking with a picture of yourself is a good idea, it lets people know what you look like. That way they know what kind of bad mammajamma they're talkin to.
sometimes i wish youd cut your hair, but hten i think, "hey, he lives in colorado, which is in hte U.S."
president of the mullet club, highest ranking special ed guiltar player, nickname- mulle-tron, master of the robotic idiot faces.... ahhh yeah.... cant go wrong- but still new uploaded ones kick so much ass, i would say a step up from the pixelated shitty ones on biketrials eh!
I try my best to do things right here, nothing half-assed from me :).
Thanks my pussy under arrest is great! I couln't have figured it out without ya!
Added a family guy avatar gallery :eek3: Family guy rocks
this is true
I like the new ones
Yay, great thanks matt, as you can tell im using one
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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