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Mister Tonkery I require your assistance. Back in the mid 2000s, either one of your trials videos or one of K Shizz's featured a song with the following lyric (approximately):

"Who was the one who gave me this here vehicle to hold my soul?"

I require the name of this song. It's boring a hole in my brain.

Thanks in advance.
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oh mannnn... i need to hear a tune to spot that one. Maybe itll come ? any idea the ridin?

my guess is built to spill- carry the zero... Cant remember how many times i saw them live in boulder colorado...

I'm not knocking
You want to carry that home
Took it with you
When you moved and got it broke

Found the pieces
We counted them all alone
Didn't add up
Forgot to carry a zero

I can't be your
Apologist very long
I'm surprised that
You want to carry that on

Count your blemishes
You can't, they're all gone
I can't see your response
Putting them back on

Like they're waiting for your guard to fall
So they can see it all and you're so
Occupied with what other persons are
Occupied with and vice versa

And you've become
What you thought was dumb
A fraction of the sum
Yeah, you've become
Yeah, you have become
A fraction of the sum
The middle and the front

And now it's coming back
Hasn't it come too far?
I was trying to help
But I guess I pushed too hard

Now we can't even touch it
Afraid it'll fall apart"

nostalgia massive bomb just listenin to this shit man... fuck it i jist got a chinee go pro let me tryn join 2023

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Damn I got excited there, Built to Spill is another band I'd forgotten about that I was listening to at roughly the same time so I thought it might be them. Definitely a similar vibe - cursive/broken social scene/whatever/old modest mouse back then they made good music and the guy hadn't learned to sing yet. Type thing.

No idea what riding video it was in. Got a mental image of you maybe riding some haggard natty on an old woodman frame but honestly I'm just inventing pictures in my head.

Might be lost in time... Good vibes going back through some old bands trying to find it though, so still worthwhile.
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I used prefuse 73 a lot n woodman days...no lyrics doe electronic... ahhh I maybe know what u want

s & m dens by... kut u up...

its in fort collins trials 4 on vimeo, i cant link here for some reason... let me know if u get it.
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My hero. Sounds different to how I remember. Exactly what i felt like listening to though. Ima go watch the vimeos now.
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Hecka yeah player... Nostalgia is heavy force i fear how powerful it will be in 20-40 years. Already takes my breath away sometimes
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