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are you for real?

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nevermind it
aaaaaaahahaha robbie i remember that.

you **** :greddy:

Elan you should see his videos from back then :)
Robbie's got a bt.com website too floating around there somewhere.
http://www.biketrials.com/you/ the second one to the bottom explains it all.. hahahhahahahahha!
lol asses
haha...lol, he looks so cute
wow. nigel and brian. that's from back in the day, alright...
robbie....hahaha.....how the hell did you turn into such a big oaf....you were like 40 pounds in those pics.....

Brian Meier ehhh....I saw that dude in the bookstore the other day, does he still ride?


:rofl: :rofl:

:greddy: :greddy:

I sent some pics to stefahn too, but of course he didn't put them up. that was in like 1999, you could make fun of me too- but no.
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hahahah the DB pics...not that mine arent bad...

Graham i dont know how i became such an oaf
A picture of my friend, Huangguanghua
Bill said:
A picture of my friend, Huangguanghua
Damnit matt, you beat me to it. Is that seriously a name? :?
haha Bill, i was just goin to quote that too!!!! :rofl:
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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