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Are the hot s tires for the front tubless?

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I know that you would want to run tubes in trials but on the side of these Michelin Wildgripper Hot s tires I am looking at it says nagesti tubless. Are these the same tires that everyone uses? Thanks, I am going to buy some tires but do not want to get the wrong ones.
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I believe that they are compatible with nagesti tubless rims, but I'm not sure about other tubless rims.

I'm guessing Kevin can give you a better answer than this... Kevin?
negesti and ust tubeless systems are pretty similar and most tires designed for one will work with the other. that being said i have never seen a single nagesti rim on a bike in the US... some michelin tires are designed for the nagesti system- mostly the dh ones (comp 32, 24.1, 16, 15) but the xc ones are designed for ust.

the new hot s ones are for ust i think but the older tubeless version of the hot s was for the nagesti stuff.

if you buy a tubeless tire you can run a tube in it just fine- it wont give you any trouble. if you want to run a tubeless tire on a non-tubeless rim it will take some riggin and wont work too well for trials. if you are getting a good price on the michelin tires, scoop them up- i bet you will be happy with them.
Thanks for the info.There is a guy here in town that has two in good shape he is selling for 20 and if they were the same I thought I would pick them up.I had just never heard of the nagesti tubless and did not know if this was the same tire everyone else used.I would def. run tubes in them though.Thanks again.BTW this is a great site.I will go back to lurking and learning before I say something newbie stupid.
no worries- feel free to keep asking questions! we were all dumb noobies at one point, the only way to claw your way out of that hole is to ask questions and learn!
I do not mean to clutter up the board with some useless bullshit but I thought this turned out pretty sweet. The guy that was selling these tires had allrerady worked out a deal to trade them off for some shifters, so I thought I had missed out on a decent deal. Then I see them back for sale on the web.The tires are not what the guy wanted. "Hot S" for his wifes xc bike but turned out to be the " too heavy " downhill tires. They are not the 2.5 but they are 2.2 and will be better than the Nokains that I am currently using.A pair of them for $20 I thought was a pretty sweet deal. I guess every great once and a while my luck does come around.
that was a good deal- congrats on the nice score!
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