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Yo guys im kinda new here, been ridin for along time tho, i ride with Neil Tunnicliffe ( sponsered by Zoobikes....visit them at www.zoobike.com ).
I just wondered if anyone else rides a Monty the same as mine, i have the 2003 version, after i broke the 2002, but they sorted the 2002 version with mouts at the back stay behind the seat and the lower stay behind the crank. Actually me and Richie broke ours at the same time ( Richard Lynch ) dunno if anyone knows him but me and Neil ride with him alot also.
Anyway back to the Monty thing, personally i think its the Best trials bike i've eva rode, i know wot ur gonna say, blah blah he cant of rode many. well actually i have. i started with some unknown frame and went to a Azonic DS1, then i went to a Saracen Trax ( the big chunky frame one ) after that i went to the Martyn Haywes Giant trials bike, then after that i went to 20'' Monty. didnt like 20'' much so i went to 26'' and well i thought of loads of bikes like pashley which neil was ridin at the time, but then i seen Richie on his Blue Monty 26 in 2001 and it looked Mint!!! so i thought yup i get me one of them, so come 2002 i thought i want that sweet yellow color one, like gold'dust colour, i ring up and damn they aint got it in that colour, so i choose between red/white and black/white so i choose the red/white, i go round to richies with it and OMFG he has the Black/white one, so off we go ridin, everything is sweet the front end is soooooooooo light it just glides and guides u up walls and rocks. next thing rich rings me and says i cracked my Monty, im like wtf ya done to it! and hes like nothing, he says check yours, so i do, and god damn it .......... it was cracked, so we rang Monty dealer in skipton ( Chris Wright ) and he says no Problem i will get some new ones out to ya
So they come and its Like omg look at the reinforcements on this baby. Me and rich rode them hard as eva and nothing, it was awesome, no cracks no strains no nothing, we look at Neils Brisa and he has a crack, he laughs it off and carries on riding, he then gets sponsered by Zoo grrrrrrrrr hehe and now rich has a Pace, But me im still stickin with Monty and why, cos i had it now about 9months and it has no sign of cracks or stresses or anything, so i wanna know if anyone else has the same bike and has the same success with it as i have with mine.

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have you ever ridden any uci style bikes over there in grand ol' britain? i think that the monty is bollocks. try a koxx, or even go for a spin on niel's zoo.
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