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anyone going to Fontana on 15th?

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hey, just wondering if aNYONE is cause ill be going and might be lookin for a used bike :D
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I'll probably be there. Not gonna be riding though. Most likely end up checking for a section.

Got nothing for ya in the used bike market though.
graham, of Try-All America is going.
DARFFFF..i am dumb..i thought it said motorama..stupid me
you are silly- fontana has rocks and motorama has gas fumes.
im going to the fontana comp this sunday. Ill be competing expert stock class on my echo pure. Ill be wearing a dark blue BikeTrials.com t-shirt and blue jeans, with a white mt bike helment. I will most likly have a black and silver camel bak with me so if you see, feel free to say hi!
See ya there!
Ty Smith
hmmmm...im thinking of what i will wear..maybe um..is it hot down there? (i see snow on the mountains) and im in cen cal..hmm so maybe black shorts, i duno wat color shirt, prolly black, and a black hat haha..umm and black shoes with big white laces, oh and i have braces(ryme) they are blue :joshers:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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