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Any news about the Koxx street bikes yet

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any 'new' news

You know that commercial where that guy ate Cheerios and it helped lower his cholesterol, he becomes so happy he goes around telling everyone he has lower cholesterol... well

after three days of riding after a long hiatus of internet video training I can tap to rear wheel ~handlebar height. Thats a height that I always had trouble with in the past with a regular pedal up, tapping makes it much easier. Anyway, just had to tell someone. :joshers:
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I know its just a title but, does anyone else think its just a little weird that one of the "street" bikes doesnt even have a place to put a seat on?
Brett- its probably because they are identical to what koxx curently has (level boss, cheat code and s6xx). Its just a ploy to make money, I can't believe anyone in the states or canada would be dumb enough to buy one.
yeah, all they dp itake pics of riders with tagged walls behind them, and call it street. pretty lame.
All true, but it doesnt make the bikes bad. If theyre identical than theyre just as good... and maybe white is preferred
you never know
I might be dumb enough to want one

Andrew and Dolphin are so bitter
bitter? i love my bike. i just think this new "street" thing is the lamest marketing gimmick ever. they should just stick to what got them popular. making the best comp bikes money can buy.
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