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Another new BT Poland video!

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Happy Halloween!

Rafal Klisinski has done it again! Another incredible video available from the BT Poland guys featuring Pawel Kalina, Rafal Klisinski, and Michal Wrzosek available here in the videos section. As always, you must be registered to see the videos.

Over 1GB of bike trials videos available to our registered users!

Let Rafal Klisinski know what you think!
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My god was that amazing. I LOVE BIKETRIAL POLAND'S VIDEOS!! Hey, any demo where Snickers is your sponsor is a good demo!
snickers... indeed!

well made vid. looks like they put on a great demo, another great vid! keep up the good work there bt poland :bigthumb:
those guys always making fun to watch vids. good music and good flow/style. Are the Zoo Boas supposed to be copies of PlanetX?? they sort of look like them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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