Another balance issue

Discussion in 'Beginner's Area' started by heggler9, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. heggler9

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    ok, so im starting to try and learn wheel switches and real drop offs and stuff, but i have real problems with any balance method other than a straight up track stand w/out brakes, is there any special way to practice rocking and little pivots and the little hops? how did you learn? thanks a bunch
  2. mikemad23

    mikemad23 Guest

    my friend has been trying to learn to do the little hops and its proved pretty hard i guess. Just do a lot of practicing and youll get it eventually, if you are trying to hop or rock sideways i think i lean to the side i want to go and my bike follows. just prsctice and practice. when i want to stay up i trackstand or rock, the rocking is much more secure once you get used to it.

  3. Ross

    Ross New Member

    I used to have a really bad tendency to try and trackstand on stuff that I shouldnt, i.e. having your front wheel up on an object and trying to trackstand. But ever since I started riding more natural, It taught me how to keep balance by using small hops and/or pivots. I suggest you try to find some rocks or something that forces you to use hops to correct for balance rather than a trackstand.